Thankful for my struggles

Thankful for struggles

I was talking to a friend on the phone whose financial life is not moving forward like he wants it to. After listening for awhile I had to tell him “you are your biggest stumbling block”.

I can say the same thing for myself regarding any of my unattained goals. It is my mind that is my best ally or worst enemy.

It is my passion as a registered dietitian-nutritionist to go beyond the food and discuss the importance of the heart & mind, so that they become your biggest assets in reaching weight goals with lasting success. And ultimately, so that you can make any dream or vision for life come true by learning how to use their power.

When we try to lose weight or meet a goal the majority of us know what to do in order to get there.  We’ve studied the nutrition concepts and attempted the diets and meal plans. But it is our mind and subconscious beliefs that hold us back and sabotage us.

I teach my clients great tools and how to internally access motivation and inspiration that can be just what you need to finally get the healthy body and confidence you want.

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