Lose weight by reacting to stress positively

How do you react to stress?

Learning to deal with stress positively will make it much easier to manage your weight.

Stress at its essence is the flight or fight response.

But in today’s world, what we stress about is typically not something we need to fight or flee from to save our life.

Our day-to-day stress is typically work deadlines, misplaced keys, running late, making a wrong turn, stuck in traffic, arguments with friends, kids, or family.

So what is causing us to trigger that response if we don’t truly need to fight or flee to survive?

Stress usually comes from two emotions: anger and fear.

Anger and fear will always lead to stress, but there is usually an underlying reason why we react the way we do. It is triggered by emotional factors such as abandonment (so and so is going to leave me), rejection (they don’t like me), lack of control (I need things my way), helplessness (I can’t do anything right), hopelessness (nothing will ever go my way).

These emotions trigger us to react in a certain way. However, we can choose to respond with ability instead of instinctively react.

The real questions are:

1) What are you so angry about?

2) What are you so afraid of?

Most the time we are “angry” or “afraid” of things that really don’t affect us that deeply in the grand scheme of life. By reacting to them with anger or fear we make them much bigger than they are.

Our untamed emotions cause a physical response in our body – the release of unnecessary chemistry that leads to disease and early death (80% of illness is stress related), or inability to control our eating and weight.

Stress affects our ability to make good decisions, our ability to solve problems, our ability to be creative, our ability to communicate effectively, and our ability to learn.

So interrupt the pattern.

Get to the root cause.

Neutralize it.

And move on in a positive direction.

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