How do you want to FEEL in the New Year?

New year's resolutions

Happy New Year!

I typically don’t set a New Year’s resolution, but I can’t help but reflect on the things I’d like to do better in the next.  For most people this is usually some tangible thing like lose weight, pay off debt, meet that life partner, etc.  However, when you look at the essence of most resolutions or goals, it is simply a feeling that is desired underneath the actual goal.  

Just think about it. Has there been a time when you achieved a goal but it didn’t really make you feel any happier in the long run? Maybe you had a temporary high but it didn’t last and then you went on to doing the next thing to get another “fix”, hoping that would bring the lasting happiness you desire.  Perhaps your goal should’ve just been to just first feel happy instead.

In 2017 I challenge you to set a different type of resolution, one that states how you want to feel rather than what you want to do. In truth, if you feel internal happiness, peace, love, joy, all other things will fall into place on their own. It’s basic law of attraction. And I’ve seen this over and over in my life.

Last year I had decided I wanted to feel inner peace and creative flow every day. I didn’t have any specific measurable goals around this, but my plan was to remind myself about this each day.  If I was feeling more anxiety than peace I set aside additional time for relaxation, meditation, maybe some vigorous exercise in nature, or turned on music to dance around the house.  If I felt like I was not feeding my creativity or expression I would take time to write, play the piano, or cook something from scratch.  

It didn’t really matter what I did. It was all about feeling peaceful, creative and in flow so that things aligned, and what I desired happened on its own. “It” was being drawn to me, not me going after “it”. No inner struggle or yucky low vibration stuff like “I got to make this happen or I will never feel good!”  I just worked on feeling good first, and then everything happened. This year my feeling resolution is to feel effortlessness.  What’s yours?



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