Here’s what women have achieved and overcome by participating in the Find Freedom with Food Community.

Rebecca you’ve helped me a lot. Thank you! For years I could not prepare food without eating the whole thing by myself. Yesterday I prepared macaroni and cheese, WITHOUT FINISHING THE WHOLE POT BY MYSELF. I was so afraid of food… I avoided it at all cost. The result was always the same, me finishing the whole thing. THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME. THERE IS STILL FOOD IN THE FRIDGE.

Since being in this group, my food obsession has diminished, my thinking slowly changing, and I have had spin offs from this healing process. My relationships have improved too. Because as I care for myself, I am ridding myself of negative behaviors with my spouse and children. It just goes to show that a bad relationship with food infects your whole life and you feel diseased. For the first time in my life, I am at ease. I actually feel quite emotional today because I’ve gotten out of a very deep, dark and destructive pit. I feel I can be me, and I don’t have to act or pretend anymore.

Rebecca you’ve given me hope and healing. You helped me understand that urges to binge can be eliminated and that I don’t need to fight this forever. There are SO many things I would love to say, but all I will say is that you brought me back from a very very dark place. I am forever grateful!!!

I have been able to enjoy our summer holiday by eating whatever is put before me with gladness and balance. Very gratifying and liberating. I am also pleased to announce that I am losing weight very steadily by cutting out my daily red wine. That habit was a stumbling block to me and I knew a day would come when I would have to give it up altogether. I am really proud of myself and can cope much better without alcohol. My friends and family have all been very supportive and this spurs me on to stay on the path. I am so looking forward to this year when I cast of all the baggage that I have been carrying around for years and know that physically my body is joining in. Again, warm and heartfelt thanks for the awesome contribution that you make to better the lives of those who battle a difficult and challenging situation. You made me believe healing is possible and I am thrilled to bits with the positive changes in my life.


I’ve noticed my mindless eating is getting less. Now beginning to realize that my ritual with the scale is also less and my mindset to make small changes is more and more the norm. Yes, I still have the occasional choco-feast but it happens less. Thank you for all the words of wisdom, it’s my little dose of medicine. Keep going folks it will happen, give yourself time.

Rebecca helped me see my body and my life in a very different way. This different viewpoint helped me get unstuck and make the changes I wanted to make.


I used to struggle with needing to drink wine every day. I also avoided food groups (bordering on orthorexia), and constant hunger and overeating every mealtime. Rebecca helped me correct negative thought patterns and food obsession. I now have the realization that food is my friend and to eat what serves me. The concept of self-care was formerly a foreign concept to me, but now I strive for it. I now have the freedom of eating only when hungry. Leptin response has kicked in. I don’t have guilt about eating from all food groups and enjoying occasional treats. Food cravings are a thing of the past and I have a natural inclination to eat balanced meals. A whole lot more has happened in the area of emotional healing and habit breaking, which would involve me writing an essay. I never had the tools before to free myself, even though I had the head knowledge. This is nothing short of a miracle, considering how food ruled my life 24 hours a day. I still love eating, cooking and socializing, but the shift has occurred in that it’s all pleasure now and I feel joyful when I look after my family’s nutrition.


Rebecca showed me how I can take back my power and get control of my eating urges. That uncomfortable impulse does go away. I love it!


Yesterday was enough proof to me that this group is amazing. I ate more than on a normal day but thinking about it earlier this morning I’ve realized that not too much chocolate or pie went into my mouth and my main meal was lots of veggies and meat and not so many roasted potatoes or dessert. I left the table full but not uncomfortable. None of this was planned which makes it even more amazing.

I’d like to share my ‘aha!’ moment. I realized just how much we can allow others to dictate our lives and how detrimental that can be. Yes. I miss my school girl figure. But I’m not 18 anymore. I’m a confident 40! and loving it. Today, celebrate with me! And -what I learned from this beautiful group- Delight in who you are!

Rebecca sees you as a whole person and is dedicated to helping you reveal the underlying things that are holding you back from the changes you want to make and keep. She creates a safe space for you to explore.


I love watching your videos on Facebook about releasing emotional weight for successful weight loss. They are wonderful, keep them coming!


You helped me see that the best version of me in my mind really is ME, it’s not just some hope. I had to start believing it and let go of any part of myself that did not believe it.


I used to struggle with not knowing when to stop eating. Eating every meal like it was going to be my last. Rebecca taught me how to take time with my food which means I savor what I’m eating, enjoy it and know when I’ve had enough. I’m now enjoy being able to sit at a table with my family and not just eat and enjoy the food I’ve prepared, but because we sit at a set table we talk. It’s the biggest enjoyment, as the longer we sit there the more we talk rather than mindlessly eat. I’m feeling in control. Feeling amazing. Thank you so much for this group Rebecca. I’m back in control…more and more.

Finding this group was a blessing. Week 1 over and I am starting to feel I am a little more in control. I’ve had moments, but for the first time in ages I’ve made choices, good or bad, accepted them and moved on. Thank you Find Freedom with Food.

For many years I have been wanting to break free, now I know how. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Rebecca you have helped me soooo much. It’s not what we eat it’s what we think. We have to unlearn.

Rebecca taught me 4 key reasons WHY transformation can happen and why I am still successful on my journey.

  1. I had to address the physical – a better understanding of the nutrition and exercise that are best for ME.
  2. The emotional – I gave up being an emotional eater. I run now instead.
  3. The mental – I shifted my mindset around food and my body so that I could be successful and not sabotage myself.
  4. The spiritual – I discovered my true inspiration for change and my heart’s intention, which is to live to be 105 and be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I’m 54 now and still run marathons and snowboard!


Rebecca has spent hours talking with me and helping me overcome my food struggles. She is an excellent listener and really cares about you.


You helped me realize the energy drains in my life – the little things I kept ignoring but underneath were overwhelming me. Once I started tackling these things I was able to move forward and make the bigger changes I wanted to make.


Rebecca taught me there is something greater in me than any obstacle. Believing in myself is some of the most difficult and yet THE most rewarding work I can do.