Eating is a natural, healthy, and pleasurable part of life to meet your energy and nutritional needs. However, in our food and diet obsessed culture you might have lost touch with what natural & intuitive-based eating is.

In this blog I present the stages to becoming a competent mindful & intuitive eater. This particular stage process is presented by Dr. Michelle May at

Stage 1: Unaware (unconsciously competent)

In this stage you are trapped in an eat-guilt-restrict-repeat cycle. You swing between feeling in control and out of control. Your attention is constantly on food and on NOT eating food. You often feel hopeless about food and blame yourself. Your life may feel “small” due to your laser focus on food and weight.

Stage 2: Uncertain (consciously incompetent)

You are beginning mindful eating practice and becoming aware of your hunger as well as non-hunger eating triggers. You are using new skills but they are inconsistent. You may have glimpses of freedom with food but you are afraid it won’t work for you long term. You are beginning to feel consciously hopeful, yet your old habits still create a strong pull back toward the familiar. At this stage you are still very vulnerable to diet mentality and giving up too soon and regressing backward.

Stage 3: Aware (consciously competent)

You are no longer dieting and bingeing. The arc of the pendulum from starving to stuffed is becoming smaller. Mindful eating is slowing becoming more natural and preferred for you. You feel in charge and finally FREE. Your energy is focused on practicing your new skills and self-care. You are not quite on a linear path and have ups and downs, but you approach them with curiosity for learning and without judgment.

Stage 4: Natural (unconsciously competent)

Food is rarely and issue anymore. You manage your eating effortlessly and feel confident about handling any eating situation. You now use your energy to invest in a big and vibrant life.

Yes stage 4 is possible for you! If you need help getting started just ask, I’m always here to help.

Mindfully yours,


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