A friend recently told me:

“I know what to do to achieve what I want, yet I keep delaying taking action until I’ve convinced myself it’s not possible or it’s too difficult…and then I suffer for NOT doing what I know I want to do.”

Why do we self-sabotage?

Often, it’s because you fear something – a fear that is unconscious to you, so you need to do a little digging to uncover it. Once you bring it to the surface, you can examine it consciously and rationally and begin to work on changing it.

I will share a 5-step process you can try.

Let’s say you procrastinate on things.

1) First recognize and be honest about what is happening to you by procrastinating, such as because I procrastinate on ____ ….”I’m in debt” or “My eating is out of control” or “My health is decreasing”, whatever it is for you in your situation.

2) Acknowledge who created this and own up it. (Hint: you created it…although unintentionally). Ask “why did I create this?”  Write down 10 things you would need to believe about yourself, other people, or the world in order to have created this.

3) Once you know the big reason “why” you created this situation, you need to release it and let it go. Don’t judge yourself, just be happy you uncovered this fear, belief, or limiting thought, because now you can change it! Say out loud “This fear/belief/thought no longer serves me and I’m letting it go.”

4) Be open to the idea of having something better come into your mind than that old thought or belief. Imagine the feelings and energy you DO want to create by acting and not procrastinating. Visualize yourself in action doing the behavior you want to do and feeling amazing while doing it. Tell yourself “I am ready!” & “I am capable!”

5) Ask yourself “What action can I take immediately today to show myself I am moving forward?”. Then DO one small thing, celebrate it, and do it again tomorrow; each day build on it.

Keep showing up for yourself each day with small steps, and celebrate every action toward finding your freedom! On the days you “mess up” just ask yourself what you learned and apply that tomorrow.

Much Love,


P.S.  You must celebrate the actions you take and savor the good feelings from taking those actions. This tells your brain “let’s do more of this, it feels GREAT!”

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