Meet Rebecca

How did you become a coach that helps women go from bingeing to blissful?

Hello & Welcome!

Let me share with you the defining moments that brought me to coaching women on exactly what to do to move past struggling with food, to living life more fully, just as they want to be.

In 2000 I was a newlywed and college student. I was studying biology and nutrition and decided to become a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) because I loved helping people find their health through food.

In college I felt lots of pressure and stress that caused me to disconnect from myself.

I was surviving and not thriving.

To cope I started using food and exercise to “soothe” me. With time this turned into a habit and a very addictive cycle of bingeing and exercise purging.

I hated the pattern. I felt like something was wrong with me. I felt I had a secret life.

But trying to change was completely overwhelming and scary. The habit gave me a weird sense of comfort and control during stressful times.

As a dietitian-nutritionist it was really ironic that my relationship with food was my biggest struggle!!

No one is immune to this stuff.

It wasn’t until my husband left 12 years later that I realized I’d hit bottom, and my only choice was up.

I participated in an eating disorder program. It helped in some ways but seemed to make other things worse. I didn’t feel like I had a character flaw or that I couldn’t cope with life.

I left the program after a few weeks, relieved.

I was still dealing with the bingeing on some days. But I really focused on rebuilding my life.

In 2011 I took a new job in a new city. Starting fresh was the best decision I could have made.

Around this time my mom passed away. She had been one of my strongest allies and supporters throughout my divorce and food struggles.

This was a huge blow. I made a vow to myself and my mom’s spirit that I would get over my binge eating and create an amazing life.

The first big shift happened once I began letting go of all my food fears and started fueling my body the right way.

I dove into personal development and self help; I was naturally drawn to it and enjoyed it. This brought huge shifts in my mindset about life, and my body.

At this point I finally felt empowered enough to take small daily action steps to breaking my sabotaging pattern. I uncovered the things that were keeping me stuck going back to the cycle of bingeing and purging, and feeling out of control with food.

I let go of the ideas in my head that weren’t serving my wellbeing, and replaced them with empowering ones.

This self-made “program” I took myself through not only healed my relationship with food, but it made me a transformed person.

I got very connected to the REAL me. My desire to be the BEST version of me became very strong (note: my best version, not someone else’s!).

I manifested a good paying job that I loved, saved money, built a new house, and created some truly fulfilling friendships (this was a big change because I had isolated so much in the past).

I realized that one of my greatest joys in life is to RESPECT my body, HONOR my body, and NOURISH my body.

Food and exercise were no longer a draining battle, but a means of enjoying life & feeling good in my body.

From this point my work as a dietitian-nutritionist took on a whole new meaning. It became very personal and essential that I help other women find the same freedom from binge and emotional eating.

I started teaching what I learned during my personal journey. As a result, women began reaching out to me, telling me I was transforming their lives with the stuff I was sharing.

Today, I am blessed and grateful to dedicate the rest of my life helping women go from Bingeing to Blissful! YAHOO!

Yes, you can have binge-free freedom with food. You can feel EMPOWERED, feel GREAT in your body, and NEVER diet again.

Food can be just food, no longer an enemy…or that best friend that always lets you down.

No more feeling guilty, shameful, or fat, because of food.

You can go from feeling completely stuck in overeating and hating your body, to feeling more CONFIDENT & ENERGIZED every day.

I’m a living example.

Now, for the last part of my story.

I tracked and noted all the tools, techniques, shifts, and strategies that helped me breakthrough. I studied how I went from bingeing and purging to being completely free and peaceful with food and myself.

This is now my Roadmap to Food Freedom™. A series of steps I take women through to go from Bingeing to Blissful!

This is POWERFUL stuff every woman needs to know to achieve not only food and body freedom, but it will skyrocket her entire life!

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out what I do!