If you repeatedly judge yourself in areas of eating, weight, and body it will be difficult for you to find lasting freedom with food.

Clearing your limiting beliefs & judgments will help set you free, and allow you to take the actions required to recover from binge and emotional overeating.

Here is a process to support you in recognizing and releasing judgments, and begin to appreciate yourself.


  1. Imagine you’re typical day… What negative thoughts come up for you around eating, your weight, or your body? Without judgment, simply collect these stories and list them.
  2. Circle the top 3 beliefs that stand out for you from the list or that feel the most judgmental, since those will be most powerful to let go.

Choose one belief to take through the rest of the next steps, 3-9, and then go back and take the other beliefs through this same process.

  1. Allow yourself to look again from a fresh perspective at this belief as if you were a neutral observer and ask yourself:

Ex: Can I know without a shadow of a doubt that the conclusion I made is accurate?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is enough.

Do this process mindfully to really let the part of you that created this conclusion to come forward. Sit with it to find out what’s true versus what you concluded.

  1. How would you be with food if you could see clearly beyond this limiting conclusion?

Turn it around

  1. What are 3 specific examples of how the opposite of this conclusion is true?

The evidence is there out in the world, so keep your mind open to see it. You may not have experienced it yet, but you can pull from other experiences from your life that are related.

Example: Original Limiting Conclusion: “If I don’t diet & restrict my food I will gain more and more weight.”

Opposite: “If I diet and restrict my food I will gain more and more weight.” OR “If I don’t diet and restrict my food I will lose weight.”

  1. When I diet and restrict food I get so hungry and binge and gain weight.
  2. When I come off a diet and eat “normal” I gain all the weight back and more.
  3. When I don’t diet and don’t binge, I end up eating fewer calories than if I dieted and binge.

Make sure to go through all the statements you identified in # 1.

This is for your own freedom.

  1. Bring compassion and acceptance to the part of you that bought into this misunderstanding/belief by saying…

“I forgive myself for believing __ (insert limiting conclusion) __.” Then say, “The truth is _______.” (And state what you see as true now)

Example: I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that “I must control my body with dieting.”

The truth is: “Dieting makes me binge and makes me feel even worse about myself”

  1. Visualize a specific time when one of these misunderstandings/beliefs came up for you in your life.

Now that you know the truth, how would this situation be different from this place of clarity?

– How would you act without this judgment/belief running inside of you?

– How would you feel differently?

  1. As a way to ground this new awareness, let’s create a Freedom Mantra that you can use whenever this old story comes up.

Examples of Freedom Mantras:

Honoring and listening to my body allows it to find its perfect weight.

Deprivation and restriction are not helpful in the long run.

My body knows exactly what to do when I support it with the right amount of food and balanced nutrition.

  1. Imagine yourself in a food situation that has been challenging for you, but now you are free from your food and body misunderstandings/beliefs. See yourself appreciating your body and choosing and eating food from this clear and connected space inside yourself and experience how that it would feel differently.

This may be an ongoing process, but be willing to do the inner work until it’s not. There is so much freedom waiting for you on the other side of your mind’s limiting ideas & chatter.


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